Saturday, February 25, 2012

Exposing Hearts

"I am longing for interaction with you, My people in Charismatic churches!
You call to Me for power: for miracles, for signs and for wonders—
and you look for 'principles' of how to 'lay hold' of them from Me!
You believe that you know 'My will' in situations where you want miracles,
so you do not seek My heart because you don't think it's necessary!
And if you ask, you will not listen to Me unless I say 'yes' to you;
you 'believe for' what you want instead of asking what I want!

"You have buried My heart in the tomb of your teachings!
You don't want Me to tell you something you don't want to hear,
so instead you teach your 'principles' as if they are laws set in stone!
You shut away My heart and tell Me only to encourage your ways
and keep the show of power going in your churches!
And now, because you have tried to keep My heart buried,
you cannot discern the great spiritual confusion in your midst!

"You cannot see that it is you who are trapped in a tomb!
You are trapped by your fear of being disappointed
and by needing signs and wonders to be certain of My love for you!
You cannot hear My unconditional love for you
because you believe in My love conditionally upon receiving your miracles!
Fear in your hearts and refusing My heart allows malicious spirits to come in,
wearing you out and tossing you here and there in confusion to get 'more.'

"Behold, I am sending prophets into your midst to call you back to My heart!
They will not come with the signs of power that you desire so much,
but through them I will expose the cover of your 'principles'
by bearing My heart to you in weakness and vulnerability—
just as My Son bore My heart to you on the Cross.
And just as My heart—My Son—was abused and rejected,
My servants will also be abused and rejected."


Art: "Safe With Me"

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