Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Altar of Abuse

"Slain! The messengers I send are being slain!
I see the slain beneath the 'altar'
that many are preparing in My name.

"Many believe they have received the divine 'blueprint'
for building My kingdom in the last days.
They believe they are called to exercise authority over My people
in order to prepare the way for My return.

"When My witnesses testify that the 'blueprint'
is built on assumption instead of being rooted in the new covenant,
My witnesses are told that they are in danger of My judgment
because they are rebelling against 'authority'.

"'How long will You let this continue?' they cry to Me.
How much longer will I allow My words to be used
as instruments of control and abuse?
How much longer will I tolerate this 'altar'?

"Behold! I am sending more witnesses into Babylon
carrying My heart and My words for those who build the 'altar',
who believe they wear a 'mantle' of prophetic authority
but who do not know they are naked before Me.

"I am calling My witnesses to patient endurance
in My truth and in My love—even for those who slay them.
Woe to those who build their city with bloodshed!
Hear the cries of the slain under your altar, and repent!"


Art: "Revealing the Slain"

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