Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Preparing The Way For Another

"Have I called you to 'prepare the way' for My return?
Have I looked to you to conquer governments
and take dominion on My behalf?

"Haven't I commanded you to instead
to love one another—even your enemies—as I loved you?
Haven't I called you to a city that endures forever,
to the Jerusalem that is above?

"But many of you have given yourselves
to arranging the world as you believe it must be
in order for Me to be able to return.
You enter and support sides in conflicts in the Middle East
not in obedience to My commands, but because
you believe one side must keep land and defeat its enemies.
I called you to be peacemakers and ministers of reconciliation,
but you have set aside My commands
in order to 'prepare the way' for My return!

"You are not preparing My way!
Instead you are preparing the way of the beast,
and in My name you are prophesying on his behalf!
You are leading My people to turn away
from My command of agape to cold love instead!
You are vying for conquest of your governments
to establish My 'law'—but you are building Babylon.

"Repent! Repent and return to My grace—to the gospel alone!
Return to My commands instead of your 'preparation'!"

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