Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Preparing For Another Lover

"My beloved! My beloved!
I am your Husband! I am your Lover!
Why are you searching to know mysteries?
Why am I not enough for you?

"You don't need to know what
'needs to happen' in the world before I return.
You don't need to try to arrange things
'so that I can come'—for I am already with you!
The kingdom of God is within you—
I want your heart instead of your 'preparations'!

"If you search prophecy for mysteries
and give yourselves to 'preparing' My way,
then you are not listening to Me or doing My Father's will.
If your preparation is not simply resting in My testimony
and obeying My command of agape love,
then you are not preparing for Me,
but instead are preparing the way for another.

"Come out of Babylon—do not love mystery!"


Art: "Given To Mystery"


  1. For the comment by "me"—

    Christ is the mystery of God revealed. The usage of "mystery" in the epistles means what had previous been hidden, but is now made manifest— that is, Christ, the who is the exact representation of the Father, the glory of God in the face of Christ, the riches of God and the fullness of God.

    In Him we have all fullness; by faith in Him alone we are credited with His perfect and complete righteousness. Because He is the Alpha and Omega and the spirit (essence) of prophecy, all points to Him; all begins in Him and ends in Him.

    Seeking to discover prophetic mysteries isn't necessary, because we've already been given the answer—Christ. He is our salvation and our fullness, and all prophecy and mysteries lead back to Him who has been revealed.

    Since the "way" has already been made known to us, what happens if we search to know the answers to 'mysteries' of prophecy as if we need to know in order to navigate through the end times? Do we really believe that Christ is the "way" in that case?

    "Babylon" in the book of Revelation represents those who had once been betrothed to Christ, but who were seduced by "mystery". Babylon tried to figure out the mysteries of the end times in order to navigate them and keep in God's favor, forgetting (or considering it elementary and novice-level) that Christ is our favor from God, and that we have all of God's favor in Him. Setting aside the sufficiency of Christ, Babylon sought to discover mysteries that were sealed to her, and after making her interpretations, positions and prepares herself (she thinks) for Christ's coming. Her actions not only set aside Christ as being sufficient, but the preparations she makes in the world also set aside Christ's law of agape love.

    Instead of having God's name written on her forehead, she has "mystery" written on her forehead, because she has left her Husband to commit adultery with others (as her interpretations of prophetic mysteries direct).

    "You have had a harlot’s forehead;
    You refuse to be ashamed." (Jeremiah 3:3)

    In her pride, she believes she is leading the way among God's people in preparing for His return. Christ stands at the door and knocks, but she will not repent and let Him come in.

    More can be read here: Rebellion In The Temple

    Bless you in Jesus!


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