Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Keeping Lukewarm

"I see the love you have for Me in your hearts,
but My beloved, I do not always feel it
because you do not always love Me enough
outside of loving Me in your heart.

"I know you love My name and My truth,
but if you withhold your love
from your fellow wandering sinners,
then you withhold your love from Me.

"If you claim to love Me and follow Me
but do not give grace to your enemies
as I gave you grace while you were My enemies,
have you truly received My grace?

"What is it that you are offering to Me—
the profession of your lips or your whole heart?
How will I judge you if you judge others
as unworthy of the love I gave you?

"Abiding in My love for others
is how I commanded you to abide in Me.
If you do not abide in My agape love,
are you truly abiding in Me?

"I am the treasure of heaven,
and all of you are My treasures.
I died to purchase all of you—
even your enemies.

"If you despise those whom I treasure,
aren't you despising My sacrifice and My blood?
Do not try to keep My love for yourselves alone,
or your love will become cold.

"My love is for your enemies
just the same as it is for you!"

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