Friday, June 29, 2012

Following the Image

"My people have turned to an image instead of to Me!
They have set up an image of the circumcision
as My unconditionally chosen and favored people.
They turn their eyes from the sins of the circumcision
and see only their righteousness among the nations:
righteous in heart and action, lacking only a belief in Christ.

"My people prophesy My favor for those who bless the image
and judgments for those who curse the image.
Instead of declaring that My heart is My Son,
My people declare that 'Israel' is the center of My heart!
Instead of teaching the commands of My Son,
My people preach honoring the circumcision as My command!

"Woe! Woe to My people who have become prostitutes!
"Woe! Woe to My people who give authority to the circumcision
and put themselves under the image they have made of them!
Woe to My people who pressure others to join in their adultery!
Return! Repent and return, My people!
Leave Babylon and return to the everlasting gospel!"


Art: "Adultery"

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