Monday, June 25, 2012


"Heartache is coming!
Many of My people will be
caught by surprise when I come
because they took My words to heart
only enough to confirm their own righteousness
to their neighbors and to the world!

"Like the five foolish virgins,
they have been confident that they knew
the signs of the time of My coming.
They are trying to discern the times
by light which they do not know is fading—
the light of the old covenant.
They are trying to discern signs in the world
and My will outwardly, by the appearance
of righteousness and the profession of My name.

"And so they have put their faith in expecting to see:
a literal 'antichrist' arise from among their political enemies,
a literal 'mark of the beast' limiting their freedom and prosperity,
144,000 literal Israelities who will be the 'right side' to stand with,
and two literal witnesses who will strike their enemies with plagues.

"Many will wake up at the cry of My prophets
only to find that they have not known Me or My word.
They will suddenly want to see by the light of the the new covenant
only in order to discern the signs and the time of My coming.
But their hearts will not be moved with compassion
for the 'least of these' whom they abused in My name.
They will not repent of their disobedience
to the command of the new covenant—
'love one another as I have loved you.'

"But the wise know that they do not know
the signs of the time of My coming.
They know that they may fall asleep during the night,
and that their old 'oil' may not be enough.
They have prepared to see by the light which lasts
—the light of the new covenant—
and they keep watch as I commanded:
by loving as the 'least of these',
including your enemies.

"With faith in My righteousness and My love,
the wise walk by the Spirit instead of by sight,
hearing My cries in the dark and awakening to My call.
They discern the spirit of antichrist among them
and the 'marks' of idolatry in beliefs and actions.
They know that I know My own children
by My seal—My own Spirit, who is invisible.
And they know the manner of My Spirit
is to seek and save the lost.

"Let those who have ears hear
what My Spirit says to the churches!
Walk in the light of the new covenant
before darkness overtakes you!
Not everyone will enter the kingdom
who says to Me, 'Lord, Lord!'
Do not merely be hearers of My word
but be doers of My word!"


Art: "On The Steps"

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