Thursday, June 28, 2012

Filled With Flesh

"My children! My children have been deceived!
Instead of letting Me redeem and carry them on My wings,
they rejected the words of My prophets;
they lifted themselves up in their own strength
and sought to carry themselves to the place they desired,
following the heart of man instead of the mind of God.

"When their children were being devoured,
and when they cried out for help and for justice,
the elders across the sea laid down on their side,
only willing to rise up to pursue their own agenda.
They stood by as their own were devoured,
and in standing by they devoured their own young.

"When the suffering of their young was finished,
in the name of the devoured the elders finally arose.
They fought as fierce as a bear robbed of her cubs
to win the home they had set their heart on.
No flesh was able to stand against them;
they devoured their enemies and their neighbors.

"Those who appeared to be like the Lamb cried out,
'Who is like this nation? Who can make war against them?'
Those who had ridden away from the Lamb prophesied and declared
that 'God' had healed the nation's wound and given them dominion,
and they used political power to coerce others to honor the nation
regardless of the unchanged hearts and sins of the nation.

"Who has put My children in the cooking pot?
Who has built a city in My name with bloodshed?
What 'God' is pleased by these things?
Will I let this beast go unpunished?
I will destroy its idolatrous image
and I will put the beast in the fire.

"But before the Son of Man comes,
the beast will devour, crush and trample even more,
and its boastful words will increase.
I have counted its days and numbered them;
this calls for patience and love from the saints."


Art: "In the Fire"

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