Thursday, May 05, 2011

Jezebel's Secrets

"To Charismatic churches:

"Do not pride yourselves in your 'spiritual' knowledge,
for I tell you that much of what you call 'knowledge' is as astrology in My sight.
My Kingdom is not as the kingdoms of the earth,
and My authority is not as the authorities of the earth.
My Kingdom is My Son and the simple knowledge of My grace
in His crucifixion and resurrection.
I have not laid any other burdens on My people,
but your so-called 'secrets' have.

"I am calling you to repent!
Many sheep lay wounded in your churches, and many more are lost and confused
as they try to decipher your 'secrets' in order to come up to your 'level'.
In seeking to map out the ways of My Spirit and make a hierarchy
according to the kingdoms of the earth, you have set My Word aside
and taught that I must be approached as if I were a pagan god.
Because you have sought only to feel and exercise My power,
you have not known when demons have come into your midst.
Because you have sought Me so little,
many of you are not aware when I leave your midst,
so long as 'power' continues to be felt and exercised among you.

"Repent before you wake up to find yourselves naked."


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