Friday, July 27, 2012

Undesired Sacrifice

"My beloved! My beloved!
What are you doing?
Why are you giving your heart to another?
Why are you turning away from Me?

"Why are you devoting yourselves to Israel
when I laid down My life for all peoples?
Haven't I commanded you to love all
your neighbors and even your enemies?

"Am I pleased with sacrifices and offerings
made for Israel in order to gain My favor?
Didn't I give you My all on the Cross?
Who are you trying to please by 'loving Israel'?

"Is My heavenly inheritance not enough?
Is My kingdom of washing feet not enough?
Must 'Israel' have earthly land?
Must lives be sacrificed to gain it?

"Must a kingdom be seized before the King can return?
Will My throne be built on your sacrifices or on Mine?
Will My throne be built on Israel's blood or on Mine?
Is My sacrifice not holy enough for you?"


Art: "Kingdom Before King"

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  1. Ramone: God is speaking through this in a powerful way. As I read it, I could see and feel the sorrow deep within Himself. I believe I heard Him say the following:

    Oh ye of no faith, oh ye of misled faith, oh ye of faith from "man",
    Sorrow and sadness fill my eyes for you.
    There is no way to me but thru my Son.
    Was it not I that created the earth and the heavens through my Son?
    Was it not I that, through the sacrifice of my Son, opened the doors to my presence for you?
    Why do you support those that reject me?
    Why do you try to attain my love and acceptance by works of your hands or words from your mouth.
    Seek me openly with your heart and I will find you!
    Neither Jew nor Greek, neither slave nor free, neither male nor female, is not the door open for all?
    Open your eyes to me, allow love to flow from your heart, have faith in my Son, enter my presence as His Bride.
    Supporting those that have no faith in me is no different than support those that I cast out of the heavens!
    Wake up, you say you know me but you know me not.
    It is time to stop following "man" as leaders and seek me fully!


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