Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Washed Free

"My beloved children in America,

"I am raising up and sending witnesses to you
to preach the Cross and help you free from idolatry.
The water of My word will dissolve your idol—
your belief in the righteousness of your country,
its foundation, Constitution, and its ideas.

"Will you let Me wash you with My word?
Will you let the Son set you truly free?
Or will you turn away and stay in slavery
to your kingdom's righteousness?

"You cannot worship Me and worship 'America'—
you cannot hold onto America's glory and My glory,
nor mix America's righteousness with My righteousness.

"Will you listen and turn to Me alone?
Will you let the Cross reveal your idolatry?
Or will you hate those who dare to touch it—even gently?
Will you reject those who love you so much
that they want you to be set free?

"I will send them with gentle words like waters of rest,
but a day is coming when the waters will rise
and sweep away all that is not founded on the rock."


Art: "One Righteousness Alone"

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