Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Breath of the Image

"Open! Open your eyes!
Another 'way' is being taught in the church,
and another 'love' is being encouraged
in place of love for your neighbor and enemy.

"A different gospel is being preached,
declaring blessing and favor for those who align with it,
and curses for those who do not.
My people are being taught to bow
before its image in order to please Me,
and that I am displeased with those who do not bow.

"Open your eyes, My people!
Is making covenant with the circumcision
the way to the Father?
Is My love given to you because of the Cross
or because you love the circumcision?
Is My commandment 'love your neighbor and enemy,'
or is it 'love the circumcision more than all'?
Is My justice partial?
Do I show favoritism?"


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