Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"Me or Barabbas?"

"I am He who carried on the Cross the sins of My enemies.
I am He who paid the price for your freedom—
not a freedom of this world, but an eternal freedom.
I am He who gave you an imperishable inheritance,
kept for you in heaven—not on earth below.

"I did not die to give you a city that will not endure,
but a city with eternal foundations,
prepared for you in heaven—not on earth.
I did not die to give you freedom from tribulations on earth,
but to give you peace to endure them.
I did not die so that you would defeat your enemies,
but so that you would love them as I have
loved you while you were My enemies.

"Do you want the Cross or the Country?
Barabbas took the lives of his enemies,
but I gave My life for My enemies.
Barabbas sought a country without Israel's enemies in it,
but I seek eternity with My enemies—including him and you.

"Do you want Me and My kingdom?
Or do you want that which Barabbas fought for?
You can't have both."


Art & article: "The Release of Barabbas"

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