Thursday, May 26, 2011

"Where is Your Center?"

"My people, what are you doing?
Why are you glued to the news and to the politics of Israel?
Why are you looking to her for direction
and to know where you stand with Me?
Haven't I already made you pleasing in My Father's sight
with My death on the Cross for you?
Or was that not enough to be certain?

"Behold, you have returned to the wilderness!
You have been wandering around,
tossed to and fro by the events of the news
and what you believe must happen to and through Israel.
Your peace has been removed from you
because you have left the Cross
and sought direction from the Old Covenant.

"But I AM the one that the prophets pointed to.
The Messiah was not crucified to point
to fulfillments in the nation of Israel,
but rather the ancient nation of Israel existed to point
to the coming Lamb who takes away the sins of the world.
This testimony of ancient Israel is complete—
I have fulfilled the Law and the Prophets to every jot and tittle.

"The final events of earth's history
will not center around the nation of Israel,
but around Me and My agape love,
as revealed when I was crucified for you
while you were still My enemies.
The book of Revelation is the testimony about Me,
not the testimony about Israel!

"Come back to the Cross and lay down your
efforts to please Me through 'loving Israel'.
Come back to the Cross and stop walking around in circles.
Come back to the Cross and find rest
from attempting to figure out where you are,
and where your nation and the world are
in the chain of 'end time events'
according to your Israel-centered map.

"In Me you need no map, only My Spirit
and what I have accomplished for you on the Cross.

"Hear Me, My people!"


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