Saturday, October 15, 2011

"As Queen"

"As Queen"

"My people, do not boast in your position, and do not boast in your calling. Some of you have been teaching things about your future position in heaven and in the new earth, emphasizing your reign, your dominion, and how you should begin to exercise them now.

"Yes, I have promised to give you authority, and that you will reign with Me. But I do not want you to be as the world is—lording authority over others, taking dominion and setting out to conquer one another. Instead I have taught you to confer My kingdom on one another through serving each other in love. I have taught you that the greatest among you must be your servant, and I have shown you what true 'conquering' means by serving, loving, and dying for you while you were still sinners and My enemies.

"Go, then, and do likewise."

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