Sunday, October 30, 2011

Faith in Law

"Faith in Law"

"My people, for a long time many of you have been laboring to 'advance the kingdom' by striving to enshrine My name in the public square—in the government, in laws, in courts, in schools and in popular culture. Unintentionally you have tried to build My kingdom according to the ways of the kingdoms of this world. Because there have been times you seem to have made 'progress', you have been unable to see that you have returned to putting your faith 'law' instead of in the power of My gospel and My Spirit.

"A time is coming when you will be betrayed by the public square, and the kingdom you have tried to build there will be of no use to you. For My kingdom is not meant to be a kingdom of this world, and My name is not meant to be used as an instrument of politics.

"Come to Me now and let Me re-teach you My ways. Come back to the Cross, for seeking after 'law' will leave you bruised and devastated in the end. Come to Me now before darkness overtakes you."

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