Saturday, October 01, 2011

Separation From Confusion

"Separation From Confusion"

"Separation! Separation! I am separating My bride from other lovers! I am filling her with hunger for Myself alone, and I am opening her eyes to things which are not Me in her churches.

"I am calling her out—
out of the shadows of tradition,
out of the fears of walking without a religious structure,
out of the controlling grip of those who love authority,
out of the misuses of the old covenant law,
out of the confusion of teachings bent on politics and Israel
—out of everything that contends with My love in the Cross!

"My bride is beautiful—a great multitude from every tribe, tongue and nation. She is inside and outside of churches, not yet separated from those who do not love Me. But she will hear My voice—the 144,000, the seven thousand, the remnant—My bride."

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