Thursday, October 20, 2011

Follow the Lamb

"Guard your hearts, My people! Guard your hearts!
Many of you have become distracted
because you have learned that I am not only the Lamb,
but I am also the 'Lion of Judah'.
Many of you have rejoiced in My power and strength
but have forgotten that I did not overcome by being as a lion,
but by being the Lamb: I was exalted not through My strength,
but through weakness, surrendering to death upon the Cross.

"And so I have called you to follow Me as the Lamb,
and to carry your cross.
I have commanded you to love your enemies as I have loved you
—not to 'conquer' them.

"Do not be carried away by joyous cries of war,
even if only in 'spiritual warfare.'
Rejoice instead in Me and in the victory
I have already won for you as the Lamb.

"As the Lamb I took away your sins
and victoriously made a public spectacle
of every spiritual enemy,
and as the Lamb I hold the book of life
with your name written in it.
And as the Lamb I am He who opens
the seven seals and judges the world."


See also: "Lamb Power" (by Hazel Holland)
Art: "The Scapegoat"

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