Monday, October 24, 2011

Fallen From Grace

"What are you doing, My people?
Why are you trusting in circumcision instead of in My Son?
You are seeking to please Me by supporting
the people of the circumcision,
by siding with them and using them
as your way to navigate through the last days.

"You are preaching My favor for those who
believe in special rights for the circumcision
and curses for those who do not.
You are teaching that the circumcision
are the key and center of My purpose in the last days,
and that they will bring salvation to the nations.

"You have traded My grace in Jesus for circumcision!
Instead of giving to Israel the gospel of My grace
and teaching My commandment of agape love,
you are affirming and encouraging them
in their own righteousness,
and to seek first an earthly kingdom.

"Return! Return to My grace, My people!
Return to the Cross!"


Art & Article: "Standing With Hagar"

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