Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Embrace Oppression

"Embrace Oppression"

"My people, do not be discouraged when I allow your churches,
organizations and institutions to be shaken and destroyed.
Long ago I told you that the earth and everything
in it would pass away, but My words would not.
I have allowed your places to be taken away in order to reduce you to My Word.
I have allowed many things you did not need to be taken away from you,
so that My light might shine brighter through you.
Do not be discouraged, for you were born for such a time as this!
Embrace your cross and forgive those who have stolen from you and oppressed you.
Pray for them and love them as I loved you while you were My enemies.
Walk the path I have set before you,
whether to better places or to captivity or to the sword,
for you know that you have an eternal house in heaven."


Art link:
"Hope and a Future"

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