Monday, October 03, 2011

Earning God's Favor

"Earning God’s Favor"

"I have given you My all on the Cross—every blessing, every favor, and every assurance that you need! I have made you fully pleasing in My sight by giving My Son to die in your place.

"But you have been led astray from your simple faith by a spirit of prostitution: You have been taught to seek and earn favor—through following 'anointed' leaders, being under their 'covering', receiving 'prophecies', attending conferences, 'sowing' into ministries, giving tithes, celebrating Hebrew festivals and 'blessing Israel'—and you have been told that if you did not, you would be 'under curses'.

"Leave your slavery, My people! Many of your leaders have been acting as pimps, telling you to go here and there, give your money and your heart to this and that. But I am not like them: I love and bless you freely, and ask nothing more than that you give the same grace to your neighbor."

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