Sunday, January 08, 2012

"Called to My Heart"

"My children,

I love you so much,
and I love your love
and desire to be near Me,
to see Me,
to talk with Me
and hear My voice!

"I love your intimate touch!
I know you want to feel Me more,
but I have gone out of your sight
and given you My Spirit
so that your faith might become stronger,
resting in My love instead of in sight.

"Hear My heart! Hear My heart!
I am sending prophets to My people
to call them back to My heart—
for many of My people are seeking
only My face, My voice, My miracles and wonders,
but not My heart!

"I am calling you to call My people back to My heart!
If My people do not know My heart,
they will not know My power from other powers!
My people are confused and broken,
searching for higher highs and greater experiences,
following politics, ministers of fear
and prophets of paranoia!

"Go! Tell them who I am!
Preach the Cross!
Speak My heart to them!"


Art: "Heart Healing"

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