Thursday, January 19, 2012

Witness to Babylon

"You are My witnesses! You are My witnesses!
I am calling you to walk among My people
to testify of My Son and My command of agape love,
for many of My people have fallen into prostitution,
not knowing what they are doing to themselves.

"Many are seeking the favors of prosperity, power and politics,
and are allowing themselves to be abused day after day.
They do not understand what is being done to their hearts:
they are full of fears, easily aroused to anger and war,
their peace in Me is quickly removed, their goal is comfort,
and they believe My approval is gained by the 'stands' they take.

"Go! Love them with the love I have given you in My Son!
Do not be afraid of offending them or of threats against you,
for I am with you and I will keep you through suffering.
Listen! Listen to the cries of My heart for My beloved children!
You know My love, you know My rest, and you know My heart.
Walk with Me among those who call themselves My people.
Look through My eyes of love for those who live in Babylon."


Art: "Called For Her"

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