Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"Overloading My Children!"

By Ramone Romero
July 21, 2010

Several years ago an intercessor whom I don't know was praying for a big series of meetings in Japan, which would have guest speakers who were famous 'prophetic' voices in charismatic churches/movements. The intercessor wrote:
"God showed me a vision when I prayed for a dream about the [...] meetings on the other day. In the vision, there was a baby in a crib. A mom came to see him and put a list on his crib, and then walked away. On that list were things that he should and shouldn't do. The baby looked very confused. He didn't know what was he supposed to do."
The intercessor said briefly that they thought the baby was the church in Japan, and the mom were the leaders who were treating the baby the wrong way. But then the intercessor went onto say that God was raising up an army in Japan of elite troops, and that through the meetings God would blow a mighty wind through Japan, and to prophesy to people to rise up, rise up, etc.

It was shocking for me to read because the intercessor writing the interpretation and the leader organizing the meetings (who had sent the intercessor's vision out for prayer) seemed to miss what God was saying: There are many, many, many strategies and knowledges leaders and missionaries have been trying to give to the children of Japan, but ONE THING IS NEEDED, the one thing that will not be taken away from them... to rest in the arms of the Lord, sitting at His feet, being cradled by Him.

"One Thing Is Needed"

I painted this picture (titled, "One Thing Is Needed") maybe five or more years later because of a little note my wife made about being confused. She had been hearing many teachings about how you need to know this, and this, and that, and that, etc., and in this case we need to know this or that, etc. The same thing that was happening at those meetings back then with the 'prophets' continues today, not only at that church/network, but here at local churches and around the world.

God, I want to repent for overloading Your children here. You are the Teacher, You are the One. It's not about what I know, what we know, and all the good things we've learned. They need You, not me. God, give us Your heart for them so that we hold them in love instead of teaching them and then walking away. They need love, so fill our arms with Your love so we may hold them, being Your arms. It's all about You and Your love for them. Amen!

And now, today as I post this (January 18th, 2012), I hear You say:
"My children are being overloaded!
My children are being overloaded!
Where are their spiritual parents?
Where are their spiritual parents?

"Woe to those who overload My children!
Woe to those who set before My children rule upon rule,
knowledge upon knowledge and 'level' after 'level'!
Woe to those who scar My children from knowing My love!

"Repent! Repent! Take away your many rules!
Repent of the many 'levels' and 'keys' you force on My children!
Repent of putting My children back under the yoke of Law!
Repent of giving instructions first while withholding love!"

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