Saturday, January 07, 2012

The Spirit of Prophecy

"The Spirit of Prophecy"

"I am the heart of all prophecy—
I AM the spirit of prophecy!
I am the Prophet, and I am the prophecy.
I am the Messenger, and I am the message.
I am the Speaker, and I am the Word.

"I did not speak to you through the prophets
so that you would search for many answers,
for I AM the answer!
I did not give you prophecies of the end times
so that you would try to match them to many events,
for My death and resurrection are THE event!

"My church, I have called you to hear My Spirit—
I have called you to listen to My heart!
I have called you to listen to My love shown to you on the Cross,
for on the Cross I was given for you—
I, who came from the bosom of the Father.

"Many of you have lost sight of My heart
because you have sought to discover what was sealed
before the time came for Me to unseal it.
And now the greatest danger to you
is the system of interpretations you have made!
In the same way many students of the law and prophets
did not recognize Me when I walked among them
because they had given their attention to their interpretations
instead of to My mercy and My heart.

"Return to your first love!
Return to the simplicity of the gospel!
Return as a child and behold My love;
remove your eyes from your interpretations
and your suspicions of current events,
current leaders, politicians and alliances.
Return your eyes to the Cross
and to My command of agape love,
or My coming will catch you while you are asleep
and who I am will not be who you expect!"


Art link:
"Reconsecrating Eschatology"

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