Monday, January 30, 2012

Turning to Clouds

"Come! Come with Me!
Why are you turning back to 'clouds' and signs
that dazzle your eyes and leave you in awe?
Why are you turning back to Sinai?
You looking for the wonders of the Old Covenant,
and your eyes are becoming clouded to the glory of the New Covenant,
the clear revelation of the Son and intimacy with My Spirit!

To many of you, 'knowing My Spirit' has come to mean knowing My works,
speaking in the language of the shadows of the Old Covenant,
and ascending to the 'level' of wonders that ancient Israel saw!
To many of you, 'knowing Me' has come to mean knowing power,
standing among the throng of the assembly
while those in higher 'anointing' display wonders,
inviting you to climb to a 'higher level' on the 'mountain' they are on!

But I died to remove the veil so that you could see Me clearly,
not so that you could return to following 'clouds'!
I died for you so that you could share My heart!
I died for you so that you could know My spirit!
I did not die for you so that you would return to Sinai!
I did not die so that you would seek to know Me from a distance!
I died so that you could be with Me, not with shadows of Me!

Return! Return to the narrow way!
Do not turn away to chase after 'clouds' and signs
which give you awe but not intimacy with Me!
Do not seek after the wonder of 'the supernatural'
but seek instead to know and understand My heart!
Look! I have put the shoes of the gospel on your feet!
Walk! Do not take them off in the hope of returning to Moses!"


Art: "Cloudy Vision"

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  1. You don’t have to pat thousands of dollars to travel and sit at the feet of people like Roland Baker. Just sit in peace with Jesus in your lounge room. You’ll save lots of money and He will draw you into Himself.


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