Wednesday, January 04, 2012



"My people, some of you are certain that you know the identity of 'the antichrist'
and the forces that you believe will 'align against you' in the end times.
You point to the acts of violence done by those who believe in different gods
and those who do not align with you politically.
Because they do not profess the name of Christ,
you deduce that they are 'the antichrist'.
Because they lash out in hatred at Christians and your countries,
you are certain that they are 'the antichrist'.

"My people, you do not realize that you are following
in the footsteps of Jews who believed Rome was their greatest enemy—
you have tried to discern the antichrist spirit by looking
at those who have fought against you!
But I sent you My Son to show you that your greatest enemies
are not the flesh and blood that can kill your body.
My Son did not die in order to free Jews from Rome,
but to free you all from sin and rebellion in your hearts!
In the same way, the spirit of antichrist is not an attack from the outside,
but is a rebellion from the inside,
just as the crucifixion of My Son was a rebellion among My people
against My grace, My mercy, and My law of agape love.

"The spirit of antichrist is not and will not be a persecution from outside,
but is and will be a rebellion against My law of agape love
that occurs among those who profess My name.
None of the many persecutions of Rome were able to destroy the witness
of the Church to the risen Christ, but when the Church received the crown of Rome,
many of My people rebelled against My law of agape love
and set out as a conqueror bent on conquest.
The spirit of antichrist arose from among My people to lead them
away from My commandments—My commandments to love as I have loved you,
and to carry the word of My love in the Cross to all nations.
Many who proclaimed My name went forth serving a false Christ,
a spirit set against My Word and My commandment: the antichrist spirit.

"Look to the spirit, not to the appearance of things!
Look to the heart, not to the profession of correct beliefs!
Look to My heart—My Spirit—to understand the last days!
Look to My Son, crucified for you while you were My enemies!"


Art: "Left Behind"

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