Sunday, January 15, 2012

"I Don't Want You to Be Ruined!"

"My daughter, I still love you!
You forsook and forgot Me, and sold yourself to other lovers,
but I have not forgotten you or stopped loving you!
Even now in your prostitution I am here!
Come with Me! Leave your 'life'
and the things you think you can't live without!

"You believe you are prospering here and making gains
giving your affections to politics and law, prosperity, power and control,
but you can't see that they are using and abusing you,
and you can't see the end of these:
one day they will strip you naked and leave you utterly ruined!

"My beloved, I don't want this to happen to you!
Come with Me instead! Follow Me alone!
Forsake the pride of your forefathers and honor Me alone!
Stop fighting against your 'enemies' to establish a kingdom in My name,
and just follow Me instead!
Take Me at My Word, follow the gospel and My commands
even if it seems risky or dangerous to you;
I tell you the truth, you will be safer following Me
than trying to preserve the 'fortunes' you have gained here!

"Come out of Babylon!"


Art: "Renewed"

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