Friday, January 27, 2012

Liberty's Foundation

"Liberty’s Foundation"

"My Son! My Son! I have given you My Son!
What other covenant do you need than the New Covenant in My Son's blood?
What other 'constitution' is necessary?
What other justice do you need than the justice I gave you at the Cross?
What other Law is My kingdom founded on than the commandment of My Son—
'Love one another as I have loved you'?

"My beloved children in America,
many of you have wandered into a 'far-away country'!
You believe I have given you 'America' as your inheritance
and that I reward your hard works,
the sacrifices of your soldiers and forefathers!
And you are ready to fight one another and your neighbor
to defend the freedom that you have bought with your own blood!

"But My Son's sacrifice was the only one necessary for your freedom!
My Son's glory is the only glory that you need!
The gospel of My Son is the only gospel that you need!
Repent, My people! Return to Me! Return to the Cross!
Return to the gospel of My Son! Return to My kingdom!
Count all other things as loss!

"The hour is growing late;
do not look by the light of your own liberty,
but instead see by the light of My liberty alone,
or you will be overtaken by darkness!"


Art: "Full Mercy"

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