Sunday, January 29, 2012

Prophetic Confusion

Prophetic Confusion

"Behold! A time is coming upon the world when there will be great confusion:
many people will be certain that they have the answer to teach,
that the cause of many troubles is spiritual,
and that ordering the nations righteously
will bring about the fulfillment of the Scriptures.

"Many who profess My name will not look towards My Son,
but will instead look towards the circumcision.
Many who call themselves My people will not look to Me,
but will instead look to the sins of their neighbors.
Many who say they serve Me will abandon My Son's command
for the ways of the Law instead.

"Behold, the confusion has already begun among those who are called 'prophets',
among whom the agendas of nations have replaced the gospel of My Son!
Those who preach the gospel of My Son least
are accounted as those with the greatest knowledge of My will;
those who preach the circumcision
are accounted as those proclaiming My kingdom.

"Who among you has wisdom?
Who among you will hold to the love I gave you in My Son on the Cross,
and which I commanded you in Him to give to one another?
Who among you will know when tribulation is upon you,
and who among you will not discern it because of drinking the wine of Babylon?"


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"Here I Am"

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