Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Living in Slavery

"The Gospel! The Gospel!
Wake up, My people! I have called you to the Gospel!
I have not called you to enforce the Law on your neighbors and your country!
I have not called you to put your neighbors—or yourselves—in that bondage!

"I am not who many of you think I am!
I am not demanding that you—or your enemies—conform to be accepted by Me!
My Son did not die to make you ministers of the Old Covenant;
He died to make you ministers of My grace in the New Covenant!

"Wake up! Wake up before it is too late!
Return to the Gospel, for the ministry of condemnation
only exposes you as poor, wretched, blind and naked!
Repent or you will not find Me as you expect Me on the day I return!"


Art: "Under Law"

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