Friday, May 04, 2012

The Center of the Throne

"My command of agape love is central
to understanding Revelation and the last days!
'Love one another as I have loved you'
is the revelation of My very heart:
I loved you while you were still My enemies,
laying down My life for you so that I might wash you,
making you radiant with My love—
My bride who I want to spend eternity with!
As I have loved you, so I have called you
to love one another—even your enemies—
for I want all of you as My bride!

"I am the King—the only One to whom the scepter belongs.
I am the Righteous One—the only One whose works are perfect.
I am the Son of Man—the One who has shared in all humanity.
I am the Prophet—the One who is the spoken Word of My Father.
Yet at the center of My throne—the heart of who I am—is the Lamb!

"I am agape love—the sacrificial love of God,
given to those who did not love Me first.
Therefore I have said that if you obey My command
—if you abide in My agape love—
you will abide in Me.

"But if you do not abide in My agape love,
you will not know when you have ceased to abide in Me."


Art: "Daddy's Little Girl"

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