Monday, May 14, 2012

The Crown or the Cross?

"To My besieged people in America:

"I know you are afraid that your faith is
being attacked and taken away from you.
Yes, you are besieged, but your enemies are not those
'outside' who want to make America more 'secular.'
Your enemies are in your heart, My people!

"I am allowing your nation to change its laws,
and I am allowing My people to lose political power
in order to draw you back to Me!
Your faith has been besieged by the law,
and your witness of My agape love
has been perishing within your walls.

"Because you can only think of how to
protect your political advantage and
how to keep yourselves from 'being defiled,'
many travelers are laying wounded and dying
on the roads outside of your churches.

"You cannot hold onto both your political advantages
and My agape love—the love of the Cross—forever.
Will you let your love grow cold to protect your power,
or will you take up the cross I have set before you
and follow Me, walking in My agape love?"


Art: "Other Ways" (see "Turning Away")

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