Thursday, May 24, 2012

The End

"Be at peace. I am the fulfillment of all things.
I am He in whom all things are finished—I am the End.
The end of all things is coming because I am coming.
When I come, all things will be finished.

"I am the mystery of God, in whom are hidden
all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.
When I come, the mystery of God will be complete,
for I will have returned.
That which is perfect shall have come,
and you will know as you are known.

"I am the Beginning and the End,
the One who is perfect,
the outshining of the Father.
I live in you, and you live in Me.
I am the mystery of God in you,
and you have all the fullness of God in Me.
You have been raised up and are seated in heaven in Me.

"Therefore I have told you to rest in Me,
for I am He who has overcome the world.
And you have overcome the world by faith in Me."


Art: "Ask Me!"

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