Wednesday, May 02, 2012

"My Kingdom Or Your Kingdom?"

"What do you want, My people?
Visions that tell you of coming vindication?
Do you want Me to come lead your armies and defeat your enemies?
Do you want Me to become the leader of your nation—
leading your people to peace and prosperity,
rewarding the righteous and punishing sinners?
Are you preparing a throne for Me
and asking Me to come claim the crown?

"I am not coming for the reasons that many of you think.
I am not coming to fulfill your hopes
for vindication, prosperity or glory.
I am coming to punish your enemies, but your enemies
are not those who you think are your enemies.
Your enemies are your desires for
power, glory, vindication and prosperity—
your desire for My kingdom to be your kingdom!

"I am coming to bring an end to the kingdoms of the earth,
but if your hearts are set on your idea of My kingdom,
how will you not cling to your own kingdoms in the same way
as Jerusalem did in Jeremiah's time and in the first century?

"My children, shall I answer you according to your lust?
Shall I encourage your prostitution?
How can I let you continue in your ways?
How can I stand by as your rebellion leads you to desolation?

"I will send you prophets, My children!
And, I will tell you what is written in the prophets;
I will unseal what has been sealed until now
to show you that long ago I saw you—
I knew you, loved you, and grieved for you!
I will show you that your desires are not new,
but each generation in the history of My people
has been torn between Me and the same desires.

"Will you listen, My children?
Will you let go of your kingdom for Mine?
Or will you continue in prostitution, killing your soul
to gain what will leave you unfilled and desolate?"


Art: "Longing From Father"

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