Sunday, May 06, 2012

The End-Times Ministry of the Law

"In love a throne will be established;
in faithfulness a Man will sit on it—
One from the house of David—
One who in judging seeks justice
and speeds the cause of righteousness."
(Isaiah 16:5)

"Look! Beneath the four seals are abuses
by those who have called themselves My people!

"When you displace the Lamb
from the center of the throne,
you will set out to conquer others,
you will bring bloodshed instead of peace,
you will bring cold love instead of mercy and justice,
and you will bring desolation and abomination in My name.

"I am love, and My throne is established upon love,
for I am He who loved the world so much that
I gave My only Son—the Lamb—to take away your sins,
while you were still My enemies.

"But many of you desire to establish My kingdom
on the law of the old covenant.
Many of you desire to conquer 'the world' in My name,
to defeat those who do not profess My name,
to establish prosperity for yourselves
and to proclaim My judgments against those who resist you.

"My people, I know that you want the world
to act righteous and to stop sinning,
but when this is your center
—instead of the Lamb who was slain—
you take up the ministry of death!
You forget that My heart longs for unbelievers—
not for their conformity to the old covenant law!
Those who resist and do not conform
seem to be the enemies of God to you,
but unbelievers are not My enemies!
The last days will not be a climactic clash
between believers and unbelievers!

"Instead, as it was in the days of the crucifixion,
so it is again in the last days—so it is now."


Art: "Not By My Spirit"

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