Tuesday, May 01, 2012

So Shall It Be Again

"If we let Him go on like this,
everyone will believe in Him,
and then the Romans will come and take away
both our place and our nation."
(John 11:48)

"My children! My beloved, rebellious children!
My children, some of you believe you have understood prophecy
and so you are preparing for what you anticipate will happen—
by making sure you are supporting 'the right side'
or 'the right nations,' and opposing those who do not.

"My children, many of you believe you must use political power
to protect My kingdom—to keep it from being destroyed—
from your opponents, who you believe are My enemies.

"My children, many of you are fulfilling prophecy,
but not in the way that you believe you are!
Many of you are rebelling against My ways and My Son's command,
proclaiming a different gospel and a different 'Christ'!

"As the Maccabean generation attempted to fulfill prophecy
by fighting for power and to preserve their nation at all costs,
and as the Sanhedrin set up the same idol instead of accepting My Son,
in the same way, today many among My people are rebelling
by choosing the idol of power and nation in their hearts
instead of My Son and His commands.

"As desolation followed past rebellions,
so also today's rebellions will lead to desolation."


Art: "Not Guilty"

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