Friday, May 25, 2012

"Stand In My Love"

"I am going to reveal to you the opened fourth seal,
but many things will not be as you have imagined.
Just as the suffering of My disciples began in synagogues,
in the same way you will be put out of churches in My name
because you hold to My testimony and to My commands.

"Judgments will be proclaimed in My name
and will appear to be fulfilled,
giving credibility to the false prophets
who proclaim that the way to the favor of God
is through favoring the ones whom He favors.

"Those who hold to My righteousness alone and My commands
will be rejected, spoken against and denounced.
But though My name is spoken, any authority and power
exercised apart from My love does not come from Me
but instead comes from the dragon.

"You will see that the power of Hades is working among them,
but they will believe their assemblies are being purified.
Your own family will think they are serving Me
when you are persecuted and put outside.
But I say to you: stand in My love for them.

"I am with you to the end."


Art: "Night Wind"

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