Thursday, May 24, 2012

"Out of the Sea"

"I am He who sees the beginning from the end.
I am He who announces things before they come to pass.
I foretold the return of the hearts of My people to Egypt;
I foretold the destruction of Jerusalem to Moses,
and it was I who sent Jeremiah when the time was near.

"I foretold to John that a nation which had
seemed fatally wounded would come from the sea
to arise again where it had once been.
Long ago I declared that the world would
be astonished when the nation returned.

"I declared that when the nation won victories,
people would say, 'Who is like it?
And 'Who can make war against it?'
I am He who declared that another nation
—which had seemed lamb-like—
would support the returned nation,
and desire its honor among the nations.

"I am He who foretold the rebellion in My temple
against My law—'love one another as I have loved you.'
I am He who declared the coming of a company of false prophets
that would proclaim a different 'Christ' in My name,
drawing believers away from My agape love for your enemies.

"I am He who is sending messengers
to the people who proclaim My name,
for the time is near when Babylon will fall
and I do not want any to be lost."


Art: "Astonishing"

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