Friday, May 25, 2012

Unable To See

"Many of My people believe they know the signs of the end times
and the way that events are unfolding in the world today.
They believe they are watchmen called to warn people
that prophecies are about to be fulfilled.

"They climb higher and higher upon assumption after assumption,
trying to see further ahead to gain approval and validation.
Their 'watchtower' is man-made; it will be shaken and will fall
because it is not built on the foundation of the gospel of My Son.

"My people, I am calling you to pray and intercede
for your brothers and sisters who set themselves up to fall.
Show them that My Son is all My people need in the time of the end
by patiently loving them and giving grace to them.

"My Son is My fullness, and you have all fullness in Him.
I will carry you on eagles' wings through the time of the end
as you choose to rest in the knowledge of the gospel,
and as you trust in My sight instead of your own."


Art: "Building To Fall"

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