Thursday, May 03, 2012

"My Heart In Revelation"

"I am opening prophecies in Scripture
that have been kept sealed until this hour!
The unsealing of prophecies will reveal
My heart of grief for My beloved children
who wear My name but who serve
their own vision of 'the kingdom.'

"In My Son, all that is necessary for you to trust in
and for you to live in has already been fully revealed—
understanding prophecies will not reveal
more knowledge necessary for salvation
but will reveal rebellion among My people.

"I am not unsealing prophecies to identify 'sides'—
My words are not a not a tree of knowledge
given so that you can judge who is good or evil!
To those who receive understanding,
I am calling you to share in My love
for those who are turning against Me!
I carried the Cross for you while you were My enemies,
therefore I am calling you to carry My heart
for My beloved, lawless children."


Art: "Take This Heart"

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