Friday, July 27, 2012

Assisting Abaddon

"Woe! Woe to those who urge the people
of the circumcision to 'return to Israel'!
Woe to those who send Jews into the furnace
of conflict with their Muslim neighbors!
Woe to those who say, 'Go repossess your land'
instead of teaching them to obey My command
to love your neighbors and your enemies
as I loved you while you were My enemies.

"You have been led astray by false prophets
and by the spirit of the antichrist.
You have served a different master
—and have set aside My law and My grace—
by declaring My unconditional favor
based on circumcision instead of the Cross.

"Precious Jews and Muslims are suffering and dying,
and the flames of hatred are being fanned
because you encourage and support Zionism's desire
to inherit land instead of the lives of their neighbors.
By assisting Zionists you have only helped
to destroy them and their inheritance.

"Woe! You have treated Jews and Muslims as pawns
to be moved around and used up for the sake
of bringing about 'the fulfillment of prophecy'.
"Woe to you who throw Jews and Muslims into the furnace!
You have been possessed by the spirit of the antichrist
and worship the abomination that causes desolation!"


Art: "Feeding the Furnace"

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