Friday, July 27, 2012

Preparing the Bride

"Many of My people have lost their ability
to discern according to My heart.
Instead of discerning by the Cross and the Spirit,
they discern by 'Israel' and by the flesh.

"They believe they understand the times
according to their own interpretations,
and they 'prepare' according to their own commandments
instead of following My commandments.
They dress for battle and see their neighbors
as enemies instead of as those whom I love.

"But those who follow the Lamb are known by agape love.
Therefore they go to all nations as My disciples,
calling all people to My command of agape love
and repenting for those who have brought abuse in My name.
They spread the fragrance of the gospel
of the kingdom that is not of this world,
loving their enemies just as I loved them.

"My disciples are called foolish and traitors
by those who have exchanged My kingdom
for the kingdoms of the world.
But I have clothed them in My righteousness."


Art: "Discerning the Times"

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