Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kept In The Dark

"The wall of division has been rebuilt!
What I joined together as one body
has been separated by man!
On the Cross in My body I abolished
the separation between Jew and Gentile,
but the teaching of dispensationalism
has annulled My word and trampled on My blood!

"I made My people citizens of heaven,
but dispensationalism teaches a
citizenship in 'Israel' that is separate
from citizenship in 'the church'.

"Through My blood I brought near
those who were far away,
but dispensationalism teaches
that some are fully 'God’s people'
while others are foreigners.

"I gave My covenant and promises to all
—both to Jews and to Gentiles—
but dispensationalism teaches that
some promises are only for one
but not for the other.

"Now, because of dispensationalism,
many of My people do not know their inheritance.
They walk in darkness because they have been taught
to see by the 'light' of Israel in the end times;
they put their hope in the shadows
instead of seeing by the Light of the world.

"Those who divide My house destroy My house.
I will rescue My children from the darkness they sit in
because of the teaching of dispensationalism.
But those who cling to the wall they have built
will be as shadows at the coming of the Light."


Art: "Held Inside"

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