Friday, July 13, 2012

Waiting For 1,000 Years

"I did not call you to a kingdom for 1,000 years,
but to a kingdom that will endure forever.
I have not said that the age to come will end after 1,000 years,
for aren't 1,000 years only as a day to Me?
Is this the 'hope' I have called you to?
Will My kingdom only last for a day,
or will it be as eternal as the life I give you?

"Many of you have interpreted '1,000 years'
according to the desires of your hearts.
Seeking '1,000 years' you have taken your eyes
off of the Cross and My love for all nations,
and instead seen My purpose according to the circumcision.
You have fallen from grace by trying to gain My favor
through doing works that please the people of the circumcision!

"Is My desire just to rule the nations?
Haven't I told you that My kingdom
is not like the kingdoms of the world?
The kings of the earth lord over their people,
but I came among you as one who serves.
Do My loving-kindness and My mercy
last only until the '1,000 years' begin?

"You who believe that I desire a rule of '1,000 years'
have not understood My heart or My kingdom!
I am coming to inherit all nations as My bride,
for the new covenant is for all nations!
I will not withhold the healing leaves
of the tree of life —the Cross— for 1,000 years!
I will not be bound for 1,000 years!"


Art: "The Millennial Hope"

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