Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Depending On Darkness

"I am He who sees the truth of all things,
and I am He who reveals that which was hidden.
I do not need any support from the shadows!
Who can add to My righteousness?
Who can fix what I have made perfect?

"Many of My shepherds are afraid of following Me
without using old covenant laws;
they are afraid My words will not be
sufficient to sustain My church.
They have chosen spiritual insufficiency
by considering the new covenant to be insufficient.
They have chosen to depend on shadows
and darkness to sustain their light,
keeping My children in the dark
for the sake of 'the church' and their ministry.

"Woe to those who depend on old covenant shadows
and keep hidden the abuse of My children!
I will allow darkness to overtake them
and the houses they have built with darkness.
When they fall because the darkness has overtaken them,
they will see no path beneath their feet,
for their trust was not in light but in darkness—
for you cannot choose both darkness and light.

"Come into the light, My shepherds!
Let go of the shadows of the old covenant!
I will show you the surpassing
glory of the new covenant."


Art & article: "Not Included!"

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