Friday, July 27, 2012

Unclothed In the End Times

"Woe! Woe to those who change
their clothes in the last days!
Woe to those who take off My robe
to put on their own covering!

"I have not required that My people possess
any special understanding of 'last-day events'
beyond the My testimony and My command of agape love.
I have not commanded My people to put on 'love for Israel'
or love for any one people above all others,
but to clothe themselves with My love for all people—
including those who seem to be their enemies.

"Many who profess to be My followers
cease holding to My testimony and My commands
in order to prepare for 'the end times'.
They put on the righteousness of nations and politics,
believing that their ways are My ways,
that their enemies are My enemies,
that their laws are My laws,
and that their 'gospel' is My gospel.

"Blessed are those who keep their robes with them,
who do not change their clothes for 'the end times'.
Blessed are those who clothe themselves with love
—with My righteousness given to them on the Cross—
and who clothe one another's nakedness with My agape love."


Art: "Becoming Naked"

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