Monday, July 02, 2012

"Freedom From Being Taxed"

"My people in America, do you know Me?
I am He who loves the guilty as much as the innocent,
and the wicked as much as the righteous,
for I loved and died for all of you on the Cross,
while you were all My enemies.
I am He who loves and welcomes the poor,
the weak, the outcast and the sinner.
I am He who was called a 'friend of sinners'
and who was rejected by those who seemed to be righteous.

"Am I welcome among you?
I come to you in the poor, in the weak,
in the outcast and in the sinner.
I am visiting you in the sick, in the jobless,
in the homeless, in the alien and in the uninsured.
I am waiting for you in the least of these.

"Many of you are angry because of laws and taxes
that you fear will threaten your prosperity,
but you are not offended when the poor and needy die
because they cannot afford to see doctors!
You rise up to defend your own pursuit of happiness,
but not to defend the poor and needy among you!
Yet when Caesar taxes you to help the needy,
you talk of your duty to rise up and fight him!

"Do you know Me, My people?
Is it Me that you are worshiping,
or something else?"


Art: "Who Is Your God?"

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