Monday, September 26, 2011

Prophets' Reward

"Prophets’ Reward"

"Remember! Remember! Remember the history of My prophets! My prophets are considered offensive by lovers of praise. Those who worship Me with their lips but not with their hearts refuse to listen to My correction.

"Do not be afraid, My prophets. People will reject you and speak against you. Just as I was not recognized by the religious, so also you will not be recognized or accepted. Just as I was accused of blaspheming God and Moses, so also you will be told that you are not following Me and My ways. Just as I was crucified with rebels, so also you will be accused of rebellion.

"False prophets will be exalted. They will proclaim that My favor is given to all who bless what they bless, and they will teach that I curse all who disagree. They will teach many ways to earn My favor instead of proclaiming the gospel of My Father's grace—that He has given you everything in His Son, Jesus Christ.

"Bury your head deep in My wings, My prophets. Hide yourselves in Me alone."

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