Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"At My Command"

"At My Command"

"My prophets,

"Many people are going here and there 'prophesying' and teaching about 'prophesying'. They teach 'principles' and 'how the gift operates'. They make a space for 'it' in their church program and lay down rules about what kind of 'words' can and cannot be spoken. They line up to 'prophesy' exciting things for each other and teach each other to 'get close to anointed leaders'. They cheer whenever someone 'prophesies' large things or with creativity, and they say, 'Good word!' Their joy and their glory is in 'prophesying'.

"I tell you the truth, they already have their reward.

"But you, My prophets, to you I say this: Seek My heart. At times I will call you to speak My heart, and other times I will call you to remain silent. I did not give the gift of prophecy in order for you to devote your life to showing others 'what it can do' and 'how to prophesy'. I do not want you to focus on 'prophesying', I want you to focus on My Son and My love.

"Yes, I can bring dry bones to life with your words, but only if you speak when I command you to. Those who are teaching 'prophesying' do not teach you to obey Me. Instead they teach you to prophesy whenever you want and whenever their churches want. They have found their satisfaction in 'what prophecy can do' instead of in My heart and in My love for people.

"But you, My prophets, be enthralled by My love just as I am enthralled by you, and ask for My love so that you may be enthralled with the people I set before you. In My love speak only when I command you to speak, and remain silent when I command you to remain silent. Go when I command you to go, and run the race I set before you."


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  1. I’m reminded of a dream I had a number of years ago when I asked God to please put His words in my mouth.

    The Holy Spirit must first give us God's heart for others so that He can enable us to speak His words into their lives. For without His heart our words are nothing more than a clanging symbol.



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